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5 Of My Favourite Things – January

February 14, 2017
Casual Winter Outfit, Aritzia Parka, Alex Gaboury

Casual Winter Outfit, Aritzia Parka, Alex GabouryPerfect Combat Boots For Winter, Alex GabouryCasual Winter Outfit, Aritzia Parka, Combat Boots, Alex GabouryParka: Aritiza / Camouflage Top: Aritzia / Ripped Knee Denim:  H&M / Combat Boots: Zara (Similar-ish)

With every new month I like to start fresh with not only work goals, but also personal ones. I like to take the time to not necessarily focus on the failures of the previous month, but reflect on the positives and what contributed to those successes. I like to believe that with January being the first month of the year, that it sets the tone for what the rest of the year will look like, so I make sure to set the bar high. Although January had some set backs, like everything I try to see the good in it. I thought I would share with you 5 of my favourite things that contributed to a great start to the year:

  1. I am so excited to share that my beautiful niece Emma was born in January! I am completely in love, like that annoying love where I can’t help but show everyone her pictures. On this same day I stopped by my brother’s house to spend time with her, & I was given the most incredible gift. Emma has been given my name as her middle name and it means so much to me. I also share my middle name with my aunt and it’s incredibly special to me, I am so thankful to share that with her.
  2. A goal I set for myself was to be more active on social media in January, and I could never imagine the impact it would have on my life. More than ever I am connecting with you guys through personal messages and comments on Instagram, and funny snapchats. I am inspired everyday by all of you, and I get emotional even thinking about how lucky I am to have such incredible support, thank you.
  3. We can either dwell on the fact that it’s winter or try and make the most of it, so this year I decided to get a snowboard pass. I just started learning a year ago and I am so proud to say that now I can officially snowboard, and do it well. I’m not sure what came over me in January but I decided to start trying out the terrain park, and with a few encouraging words from my brother I can now ride boxes and it’s so fun!
  4. The great deal I got on the parka, and boots shown in these pictures and featured in a haul video on my channel. I love buying key winter pieces during end of season sales, last year I scooped one of my favourite coats that you saw in another blog post here. I highly recommend buying that jacket or boots you’ve been eyeing all season that are finally on sale, you’ll thank me next winter. 😉
  5. THIS hair mask from Briogeo was my favourite in January, it leaves my hair feeling so soft, and NOT weighed down which I love. If I don’t deep condition my hair at least once a week in the winter time it becomes so dry and dull looking. I wonder if I should do a video on my favourite hair masks?

I’d love to hear what contributed to a successful January for you, and what you’re looking forward to this month. <3

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