5 Reasons Why I Walk Everyday

April 28, 2017
5 reasons why i walk everyday, alex gaboury, lifestyle, hamilton, toronto, ontario, hiking, long hair, hairstyles, long hairstyles, lululemon, podcasts

5 reasons why i walk everyday, alex gaboury, lifestyle, hamilton, toronto, ontario, hiking, long hair, hairstyles, long hairstyles, lululemon, podcasts

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Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love my walks, particularly hiking. It’s an ongoing joke that whether I am visiting you, or you are visiting me, I will ask you to go for one, so be ready. I make it a point to go outside every single day, and the other day I asked myself, why? So I thought I would compile my top 5 reasons why I walk everyday to hopefully inspire you to get outside, or continue enjoying the outdoors.

  1. Taking care of my mind.

    Spending time outdoors, enjoying the fresh air, and taking in the beauty of nature is a great way for me to distress, grab inspiration, and clear my mind. Often I’ll turn my phone to airplane mode, download my favourite podcast (currently: The Garyvee Audio Experience), and adventure down my favourite trail.

  2. Taking care of my body.

    Getting outside for a walk every morning helps my body get ready for the day. Some days I walk faster to work up a sweat, and others I’ll walk slower and farther to really help stretch my legs. Hiking is a particular favourite because of the different terrain, and often I’ll find myself climbing up hills and rocks which is a great workout for the legs.

  3. Adventure.

    On my days off I make a point to try a new trail, I love when they lead to waterfalls, or a lookout point. I use TripAdvisor to search for the city, and hiking, and read through the reviews until I pick a place. The other day I was hesitant to try a new trail because of how close it was to the highway, but decided to explore it anyways. To my surprise it led to the most beautiful waterfall (here) that I didn’t even know existed, and it was a great way to cool off after a long hike.

  4. Me time.

    I am definitely an introvert who enjoys being alone. My best ideas come when I am enjoying the outdoors and walking, it’s almost as though I take this time to have meetings with myself. A quick 20 minute walk at lunch allows me to energize, reset, and sets me up for a productive afternoon.

  5. Taking control.

    When I have a particularly busy day packed full of meetings, and deadlines, I find making time to walk allows me to take complete control of part of my day. I allow myself to disconnect from technology, and take time and be grateful for what’s around me. Not to mention most of the people I come across on my walks have dogs, which always boosts my mood.

I’d love if you left a comment letting me know why you walk every day, and your favourite place you have ever hiked, and what podcast you’re listening to.





  • Reply Wendy April 28, 2017 at 1:26 pm

    I’m a walker, too. If I can’t get out because of the weather or schedules, then it feels like there’s something missing in my day.
    So glad I have a dog who Loves to walk. Jackson motivates me to get out there because if I don’t, then I feel guilty. Like I’ve let him down.
    Morning walks are spent with a group of friends at the park. We call ourselves the Rebel Walkers because we let our dogs off leash. We even have a secret facebook page where we share stories and recipes. It’s so early in the morning that the park is empty except for the Rebel Walkers. We’ve been doing this for years and new friends have found us and joined in on the walks and talks and silly dog games.

  • Reply Alex Gaboury April 28, 2017 at 1:42 pm

    Wendy! Made me so happy to see your comment. I love that you’re a fellow walker like myself. I agree my whole day is thrown off if I’m unable to get outside. That’s exactly why I borrow Sophie as much as possible, she’s great motivation to get me moving even when the weather isn’t the greatest. Now if only I had a cool dog group like yours to be a part of, I’m jealous it sounds like a lot of fun.

  • Reply Jenn Menard April 28, 2017 at 7:16 pm

    I completely agree! I love taking that time for yourself, to just embrace your surroundings and to disconnect from our devices. Love your posts ❤️

    • Reply Alex Gaboury April 29, 2017 at 4:42 pm

      JENN! Thank you for stopping by and reading. I love seeing other women comfortable with taking time for themselves, you’re so inspirational. <3

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