Easy French Twist Ponytail

October 23, 2017

Easy French Twist Ponytail, Alex Gaboury Easy French Twist Ponytail, Alex Gaboury

Today’s hairstyle is this effortless french twist ponytail. Last week early morning I was taking the train into the city, and I noticed all the woman commuting to work around me were wearing their hair in simple pony-tails. I realized you are all busier than I even imagined and wanted to share a hairstyle that would only take under a minute to do, and all you need are a handful of bobby-pins and a hair elastic. I love loosely gathering the hair and creating that effortless appearance, but using a comb and your favourite hair pomade (I love this one) you can quickly turn this into a chic and smooth french twist pony-tail perfect for a night out for drinks after a long day at work.

I’d love to know if you prefer to wear your hair more casual, or more put together?




Simple Bun Hair Tutorial

October 10, 2017

Simple Bun Hair Tutorial, Alex Gaboury

In today’s hair tutorial I am showing you how to create this simple bun. What I love most about this hairstyle is that it’s quick enough to do in the morning before work, yet elegant enough to wear to a fancy formal event. I am all about effortless hairstyles for fall, I just think that lived in, I don’t care look, is so chic. This hairstyle will work best on second day hair, but since I had just washed my hair I used a flexible hold hair gel from Kerastase that you apply when your hair is wet, and it helps to give my hair more texture and grit.




4 Strand Braid Tutorial

September 29, 2017

How to: 4 Strand Braid Hair Tutorial, Alex Gaboury

In today’s hair tutorial I am showing you how to 4 strand braid. This hairstyle reminds me of something you would see on the runway during NYFW. Let me tell you this was an ambitious braid but I broke down the steps, and shared my tips to help you easily achieve this hairstyle. To help tame my fly aways I used my favourite Herbal Essences hair gel which I find gives my braids a more polished appearance. I love how edgy this hairstyle is, I could definitely picture this for a night out paired with a dramatic cat eye.

I’d love to know if you tried this braid, and I also have a 5 strand braid on my channel if you’re up for it.


If your hair is shorter and you’re looking to try this hairstyle, I’d recommend Luxy Hair Extensions.


Easy Hairstyles Perfect For Fall

September 21, 2017

Easy Hairstyles Perfect For Fall, Figure 8 Braid | Alex Gaboury Easy Hairstyle Perfect For Fall, Fishtail Braid | Alex Gaboury Easy Hairstyle Perfect For Fall, Rope Braid | Alex Gaboury


In today’s video I shared some easy hairstyles for fall, I am currently loving tousled waves and messy textured braids. All the braids in this hair tutorial are quite unique yet quick and easy enough to do in a hurry, and don’t worry if they’re not perfect the less polished the better. Even though I still have the air conditioning on in my home I had to pair these braids with my new favourite oversized sweater from H&M, I’ll be styling it this week and I link the pictures here when I do.

I’d love to know what trends you’re loving for fall? <3