30 Second French Twist Hair Stick Tutorial

March 27, 2024
Easy Hair Stick Hairstyles for Medium - Long Hair + Tutorial

Easy Hair Stick Hairstyles for Medium - Long Hair + Tutorial French Twist Hair Stick Tutorial + VIDEO Hairstick Hairstyles + VIDEO for Medium - Long Hair

Today’s easy hairstyle is this French twist hair stick tutorial. Hair stick hairstyles are amazing last minute styles because you can create the most effortless looking updos, low buns or half up looks in seconds. This French twist tutorial is perfect for anyone with long hair and medium hair lengths and is a great beginner hairstyle. If you don’t have a hair stick, you can still recreate this hairstyle with a chopstick, pen, pencil or even a hair fork. 

Here‘s the link to the hair stick I used.

How To Recreate This Hair Stick French Twist:

  • Begin by gathering your hair into a low ponytail with your right hand.
  • With your hair stick in your left hand, place it vertically to the right of your ponytail with the tip sticking up.
  • Tightly wrap your ponytail over your hair stick, twisting your hair stick clockwise 1 full turn until the tip is sticking up.
  • Push the tip against the crown of your head, as you flip your hair stick to the top.
  • Now push it down until it reaches the bottom.

Tips for How To Use A Hair Stick/Hair Fork:

  1. Ensure your hairstyle includes a tight twist. 
  2. When inserting your hair stick, make sure it’s parallel to your head.
  3. Grab enough hair for it to feel tight as you flip.
  4. Wiggle your hair stick as you push it along your scalp.
  5. Allow the end to go out and over the left side of your twist for a more secure hold, rather than staying along your scalp. 
  6. Securing quickly will create a tighter finish.
  7. Practice; it will take a few tries to get the hang of it, so try not to get discouraged.

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