EASY Back to School Hairstyles

August 17, 2017

EASY Back to School Hairstyles! Alex Gaboury

I always love to create videos based off of what you guys want to see, and this past week there was an overwhelming amount of requests to share some back to school hairstyles. I was unsure about creating a back to school hair tutorial since I’m not heading to school this September, believe it or not I graduated College all the way back in 2010, I know it’s hard for me to believe too. I tried to remember how I felt in school and created hairstyles based off that. I loved to sleep in and was constantly late for class because of it, so I knew I wanted the hairstyles to be quick & easy.

If you’re heading back to school this year I would love to know what you’re studying and I wish you all good luck!

xo Alex

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