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November 15, 2019



Before we jump into it I have to mention my new filming set up! For years I’ve depended on natural light from the sun to film, and let me tell you the sun is not very dependable. With winter quickly approaching (there is currently snow on the ground) the amount of daylight is quickly decreasing so I decided it was about time to invest in some new lights and freshen up my set up. It’s so nice to finally see it all come together, I am thrilled with the final result, and I look forward to being able to create more content for all of you.

I thought with the new set up it was only fitting to create a monthly favourites video where of course I mentioned my new set up as a favourite but I also wanted to share some makeup, skincare, and hair products that have made a huge difference during this seasonal change.

I want to share a few favourites (I don’t want to spoil you) that deserve extra mentioning and the first would have to be the Becca Under Eye Brightener in Natural. Adding this to my makeup routine has been a complete game changer! I love it because it neutralizes the green and blue tones under my eyes giving a more flawless finish to my makeup especially when paired with my new favourite concealer.

Another favourite that stands out would have to be the Olaplex No. 3,4,5 &6. I’ve been using and loving No. 3 for years and when I saw the whole collection for sale in a holiday pack at Sephora I knew I had to scoop them up. I’ve been using the entire collection for over a month now, and every second or third time I wash my hair I make sure to use it and it leaves my hair feeling so soft, smooth, and hydrated.

There have been a lot of beauty products I’ve been lovely lately and it was tough to narrow it down so keep your eyes open for another favourites video next month. I’d love if you left a comment and let me know what your current favourites are, and I’d love to hear what you think about my new filming set up. 

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