10 TIPS To Grow Your Hair Long + Healthy

March 24, 2020


I am finally sharing my highly requested tips and secrets of how to grow your hair long and healthy, as well as all my go-to hair care products! I thought it would be helpful to create a video sharing all the healthy hair habits that I believe made the biggest differences in my personal hair growth journey, helping my hair grow longer and faster. When I first started my YouTube journey my hair was short, about the height of my shoulders. At the time, I wanted hair extensions, but they were not in the budget. My only option was to try and grow out my hair and here we are!

Here are my 10 hair tips to grow long and healthy hair!

1. Leave More Time In-Between Washing

Try to leave more time in-between washings so your hair’s natural oils can nourish, strengthen, and help promote hair growth. I personally like to wash my hair 2-3 times a week and when ever I can, I substitute a wash with some dry shampoo.

2. Find The Right Shampoo

Purchase shampoo that are free of sulfates, these can be very drying, and when I made the switch I immediately noticed a difference in the health of my scalp. Typically, higher end products can have higher quality ingredients, but when I first started growing my hair I was a college student, with no money to spare, and drugstore sulfate free shampoos worked great for me. 

3. Gently Wash Your Hair

This sounds obvious, but I hear my friends talking about their routines and I can’t believe it sometimes!  When it comes to shampoo less is more, you only need a small sized amount because you don’t want left over residue or buildup.  Remember to work in sections, the top and the sides of your scalp and then the back, and work it in very gently, small circular motions, going side to side. If you’re too rough you’ll create knots, frizz, and damage your hair and remember there is no need to shampoo your strands because they’ll clean as you rinse your hair, shampooing them will only dry them out and we want to avoid that!  

If you haven’t yet, make sure to use a scalp massager as I highly recommend them. They feel incredible and help disperse the product while stimulating your scalp which will promote hair growth.

4. Condition Your Hair

Find a conditioner that fits your hair’s specific needs. When applying it try to leave it in for at least 3 minutes, a good rule is apply it from your ears all the way to your ends. If you apply it to your roots, they’ll become oilier, and you’ll have to urge to wash your hair. When it comes to the water temperature it is best to shower with lukewarm water, don’t worry no ice showers needed.

5. Ditch The Towel

It’s 2020 and we’re switching it to cotton t-shirts! Towels are abrasive, textured, cause frizz and breakage especially if you do the cute twist thing on top of your head. Your hair is most fragile when warm and wet,  so instead, gently crunch your hair from the bottom with a t-shirt. If you insist on using a towel, just make sure you aren’t scrubbing your hair with the towel and be as gentle as possible.

6. Nurture Your Hair Type

Hair Care after washing is essential and this is unique depending on the person because we all have different hair types. I myself have flat hair so I normally use a volumizing product and in the winter since my hair tends to be dry, I use a leave in and hair oil to lock in moisture. I also regularly use a heat protectant because I use a lot of hot tools, if you do also make sure to use it as well.

7. Minimize Breakage

Firstly, resist the urge to brush your hair when it is wet because as I mentioned earlier, your hair is most fragile when warm and wet. Brushing when wet will cause breakage, which slows down hair growth. I only brush my hair once I’ve finger combed out the knots, I never detangle my knots with a brush because it causes breakage!  Now If you’re going to brush your hair, make sure to be gentle and start at the bottom with a wide tooth comb or a brush with flexible bristles, not plastic.

Next, try and use a scrunchie instead of a hair elastic when you can. I recently made the switch to a scrunchie because it is much more gentle and comfortable in your hair.

When it comes to sleeping, I like to twist my hair into a bun on the top of my head, and clip it into place which holds the curls. You can also pull it all the way up, or throw it in a braid, anything but leaving it down, because it will create knots and breakage! If you haven’t already made the switch, consider switching to a silk, or silk feeling pillow cases because they are much more gentle on your hair and prevent frizz and knots.

8. Avoid Hot Tools

 Avoid excessive use of hot tools, embrace your natural hair and learn to work with it. If you are going to use hot tools, air dry to about 80% before blow drying it. Also, curling iron will be less damaging to your hair than a straightener.

9. Maintenance Is Key

Trimming off your split ends are important in promoting hair growth because split ends cause your hair to become weak and break off. Don’t be afraid to communicate with your stylist that you only need the very ends trimmed to ensure that you don’t have too much removed.

More importantly, when it comes to colouring we all know that it is damaging to our hair. It is important to maximize the time in-between your salon visits. When I made the switch from getting my whole head bleached to getting highlights, my hair began feeling so much healthier. I went from visiting the salon every 6 weeks to every 6 months which also saved me a ton of money.

10. Nourish Your Hair From The Inside And Out

Your diet is important! Water is essential, drink lots of it. Make sure to track what you are eating to ensure that you are getting all the proper nutrients and have a balanced healthy diet. Ever since I personally started using MyFitnessPal, I am much more conscious about what I am consuming and I am able to ensure that I have a healthy balanced diet.

Next don’t underestimate a good hair mask, or a scalp scrub! I try to hair mask once a week the night before I wash my hair. Leave the hair mask out somewhere you will remember and make sure to treat yourself to it.

I hope you found these tips useful. Please comment your own hair tips below as I would love to hear them.

Check out this playlist for all my heatless hairstyle tutorials.



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    Thankx, I really like the braiding tutorials and have subscribed to your channel. Wishing you the best in your online entrepreneurship. 😇💚💟

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    I LOVE your hair Its so pretty, at one point I had long hair like you but my dumb self cut the front parts of my hair up to my ear and the rest I left It long. I had to let It grow a little bit so I could cut cut all of It evenly. I miss my long hair and this is really helpful THANK YOU.

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