3 EASY Fall Hairstyles 2020 🍁

October 29, 2020
3 EASY FALL HAIRSTYLES 2020 | Perfect for medium and long hair

3 EASY FALL HAIRSTYLES 2020 | Perfect for medium and long hair3 QUICK & EASY FALL HAIRSTYLES | Cute Long Hair Hairstyles3 EASY FALL HAIRSTYLES that you must try!

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Today’s hair tutorial is 3 easy fall hairstyles for 2020!  These are some of my favourite hairstyles because they look a lot more difficult than they actually are. These hairstyles are quick, and perfect for medium – long hair lengths. To prep my hair for these hairstyles I used my favourite haircare products from Christophe Robin. If you have not tried any of their products you must! They make washing your hair feel like such a treat! I first went in the with, Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt, this stuff is amazing! It foams into the most luxurious lather, and the sea salt exfoliates away built up product, which I need since I have been using a lot of dry shampoo these days! That product preps my hair for the next step, which is probably the most important step in my haircare routine. And it’s the Shade Variation Mask in Baby Blonde. This product does an incredible job at neutralizing any brassy tones, while still maintaining dimension and hydration in my hair. I included before and afters in the tutorial so you can see for yourself. They also extended a discount code, and you can use ALEX25 to save 25% off Christophe Robin products, such a great deal!

K now time for the easy fall hairstyles, the first hairstyle is a voluminous rope braid pony-tail, definitely the hardest of the 3. When I shared a teaser on my Instagram stories a lot of you said it reminded you of Elsa’s hair from Frozen, my nieces will love this! Next is a very simple everyday French twist, I love this hairstyle because it is very cool yet chic and perfect for any occasion. It’s seriously the perfect hairstyle for everyday, and my go-to for lounging around the house. And lastly my personal favourite, a voluminous ponytail, the transformation after pancaking it is beautiful! Although I’m not going out a lot these days I find dressing up my hair always helps to brightened my mood.

Comment down below which hairstyle is your favourite, 1,2 or 3? ☺️

You can watch last year’s fall hairstyles tutorial here.

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