September 26, 2023

Messy Bun Tutorial for medium hair - Perfect

Today’s how to hair tutorial is the best 60 second easy messy bun tutorial. This technique is quick, easy, and creates the perfect messy bun every-time. This messy bun hairstyle is great for long hair and medium hair lengths, but can also be recreated if you have short hair, just add some extensions first. Don’t forget to share this hair tutorial with anyone who’s looking for school hair ideas, or who might have a wedding coming up, be a bridesmaid or wedding guest, or attending a formal event or prom.

How to recreate this easy messy bun hairstyle:

• For a voluminous base place your thumbs in front of your ears and trace upwards to the top of your head.
• Holding your hair where you want your bun to sit, I find in line with your cheekbones very flattering.
• Pull out your face framing pieces, and then scoop up the remainder of your hair joining into that previous section and secure into a tight ponytail.
• For the bun, bring your ponytail to your left side and hold on to the base of it with your right hand.
• Then take a second hair tie, and with your left hand pull your elastic over the top of your ponytail and then stick your left hand down through it to the front.
• Flip your left hand down behind your ponytail, and grab onto the base of your ponytail.
• With your left hand, bring your elastic over the top and voila, you have yourself a messy bun.
• Wrap any remaining ends around the base, and pin or tuck them out of the way.
• Pull on your bun until it’s the size and shape you like.
• Now it sounds trickier than it is, and once you get the hang of it you’ll have the perfect messy bun every time.

ICYMI this hair tutorial was originally shared as “3 Easy On Trend Hairstyles”.

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