December 19, 2022
How to clip in hair extensions | Halo hair extensions

How to clip in hair extensions | Halo hair extensions

Today’s hair tutorial is how to clip in hair extensions for beginners, and how to put in halo hair extensions. Answering all your questions, how to hide hair extensions, blend hair extensions for thin hair, how to pick the right colour, and prevent them from falling out. I also reviewed the difference between Luxy Hair’s seamless, classic, and halo hair extensions.

Seamless vs. Classic hair extensions?

I love the seamless collection. They have a super thin silicone weft which lays nice and flat against your head. It’s very comfortable and easy to conceal which is ideal if you have like thin or fine hair. Whereas the classic collection has a stitched weft, this adds a lot more volume at the root and this is ideal for thicker hair and up styles. I wear Luxy Hair Extensions 20″ Seamless Beige Blonde Clip-Ins (180g).

How to pick the right hair extension color?

Since Luxy Hair has such a large range of colours and types of extensions I use their quiz to determine the best extensions for my hair. Then I use their virtual color match tool to find the perfect colour. Most of their extensions are multi-tonal so they have subtle highlights and low lights so even if you’re off a shade or two they’re still going to blend and look very natural.

How to blend hair extensions with short hair?

First tip, section off your hair about one inch above your neck and tightly secure all your remaining hair up. To hide your short hairs at your neckline clip in your 3 clip weft underneath your first section and it will hide all those small hairs.

Next tip, I recommend curling your hair after you’ve clipped in your hair extensions because curling your extensions with your real hair will create a natural blend.

How to prevent clip in hair extensions from falling out?

For extra security map out where your clips will sit and gently tease and miss those spots and mist with some hairspray to create grip for your clips. The great thing about Luxy’s Hair Extensions is they have silicone grip on the inside so the clips are very secure and don’t require back combing.

How to clip in hair extensions?

Work in 1″ sections up your head starting at your neck. Begin with a 3 clip weft with all your clips open. Place your weft close to your scalp and start in the middle roll your clip back and insert it up and into to your hair and close it repeating with the side clips. Continue working up your head next with a 3 clip, then a 4, followed by your last 4 clip weft.

How to blend hair extensions?

The sides they’re very important for blending your extensions. If you have short hair or layers so section your hair from just above your temples down to the back of your ears on an angle.Then clip in your two clip wefts on both sides and clipping on an angle will make the extensions fall forward filling in your face and that area in front of your ears.

How to remove hair extensions?

To remove your hair extensions simply work backwards. Trace above your weft sectioning off the top layer. Then push the middle of your Clips to open them up and gently lift them up and out and then close your clips before setting them down.

How to put in Halo hair extensions?

The no fuss option the Halo I love this style of extensions it’s much faster to clip in and they’re great if you don’t want to spend too much time getting ready. Simply trace two inches back from your hairline down and around your crown and then tightly secure all the hair away ensuring all of your ends are tucked. When putting your halo on make sure all of your clips are closed and place the back on first and then place the front right where you sectioned your hair making sure your weft is laying close to your scalp. Start in the middle opening your clip roll it back and insert it up and into your hair and closing it repeating with the sides. And to fill in the sides you can add the two clip wefts on an angle same as the full set. Finally let down your hair brushing everything to blend it. I wear the Luxy Hair Halo 20″ Beige Blonde Halo® Hair Extensions (180g).

Don’t forget to watch my tutorial above on how to clip in hair extensions for more help. If you have any questions that you have comment them below and I will get back to you.

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