Easy Half-up Hairstyle – With a twist!

March 22, 2017
Easy Half-up Hairstyle with a Twist, Alex Gaboury

Easy half-up Hairstyle With a Twist

Wearing: 20″Ash Blonde Luxy Hair Extensions (use Alex5 for $ off)

The weather has been so warm lately that I was inspired to create a simple hairstyle for Spring. It appears as though I jumped the gun, since as I am writing this it has snowed 30+ centimetres in the last 24 hours haha. Soon enough Spring will be here, and I really do love half-up hairstyles for warmer weather, because if you’re like me and often wear your hair down, it’s just such an easy way to swoop the hair out of your face. I think adding a chunky twisted bun to the hairstyle makes it more playful and feminine especially paired with flowy summer tops and dresses. This hairstyle is super quick to do, and here are the steps to re-create it:

You will need: 1 hair elastic, 1-4 bobby pins.

1: For Spring and Summer I love my hairstyles to appear more effortless, and tousled. To create this appearance I used a 32mm wand and curled all my hair away from my face, holding each section for about 10 seconds.

2: Let you part naturally fall, and then grab large sections from both sides of your face,  and secure with a hair elastic at the back of your head. For a more effortless appearance, pull small pieces out in the front to frame your face.

3: Begin loosly twisting the pony-tail created in a counter-clockwise motion until it is completely twisted to the end.

4: Wrap the twist around itself in a counter-clockwise direction until it is completely wrapped, and you’re left with a donut shape.

5: Tuck the ends of your twist underneath your bun, and secure with bobby pins so they’re hidden.

6: Using your index finger and thumb, gently pull on the sides of the bun to give it a fuller thicker appearance. Don’t worry if it becomes too un-done, just secure loose ends with more bobby pins.

If you try it out this hairstyle don’t forget to tag me on Instagram, or #alexgaboury so  I can see! xo

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