Easy Half Up Half Down Hair Tutorial 💗 Prom, Bridal, Wedding Hairstyle for Medium – Long Hair

May 21, 2024
Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair | Bridesmaid, Prom, School

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair | Bridesmaid, Prom, School Quick and Easy Half Up Hairstyles | Perfect School Hairstyles for Medium - Long Hair Half Up Half Down Hairstyle Inspiration | Wedding, Bridesmaid, Prom, School

Today’s easy hair tutorial is this half up half down hairstyle perfect for prom, weddings, bridal showers or really any special occasion. This simple hairstyle is great for anyone with medium to long hair and can be easily recreated on yourself, even if you are short on time. I hope you enjoyed this hair tutorial, be sure to comment any questions you have down below.

How to half up hairstyle

  1. Start by sectioning off all the hair above your temples and secure with a hair elastic.
  2. To add volume, pinch and pull the hair at your crown.
  3. Clip your ponytail up and out of the way.
  4. Trace from the back of your ears towards the middle, section off and secure with a hair elastic but on the last loop pull your ponytail partially through to create a small bun.
  5. Gently pull on the sides of the bun to fan it out.
  6. Unclip your ponytail and with your right hand, slide your index finger and thumb up and through the fold you created in your bun.
  7. Use your fingers to pinch the ponytail and pull it all the way through your bun.
  8. Tighten your elastic below your bun, and gently pull the sides of your bun to add more texture.

Click here to watch my previous half up hairstyle.

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