Messy Updo with Halo Hair Extensions ✨ Medium – Long Hair Tutorial

June 8, 2024
Easy Updo Hairstyle | Hair Tutorials for Medium Hair

Messy Updo Tutorial | Medium - Long Hairstyle Easy Updo Hairstyle | Hair Tutorials for Medium Hair Messy Bun Tutorial | Easy Hair Tutorial

In today’s hair tutorial I am sharing how to create this messy updo hairstyle with halo hair extensions. This updo is the perfect summer hairstyle for anyone with medium – long hair, and I will be sharing how to put in halo hair extensions so you can recreate this hairstyle, not matter your hair length. This high bun updo is perfect for the warmer months because it will keep your hair up and off your neck, and will look beautiful as a prom, bridal, or wedding guest hairstyle.

I hope you loved this messy updo tutorial. Make sure to save this easy hairstyle for your next special occasion and check back soon for new hairstyles and tutorials.

I wear Luxy Hair’s 20″ Beige Blonde Halo Hair Extensions (use coupon code ALEXGABOURY).

How to Put In Halo Hair Extensions

  1. Begin by tracing two inches back from your hairline, down and around your crown.
  2. Tightly secure away all that hair.
  3. Make sure all the halo hair clips are closed and place wefts at the back of your head where you sectioned.
  4. Place the band up and over your head where you sectioned it off.
  5. Open the middle clip, roll the weft back and insert it up into your hair, closing it and repeating with all the other clips.
  6. Take your two clip wefts, and on an angle starting at the back of your ears, clip them in and bring forward towards your temple.
  7. Repeat on the other side.
  8. Let your hair down and gently comb through.

How to Recreate This Easy Updo

  1. Gather your hair into a low ponytail and pull out any face-framing pieces.
  2. Tightly hold the base of the ponytail with your left hand.
  3. With your right hand, tightly twist your ponytail counterclockwise two times and bring it to the top of your head.
  4. Hold the twist with your left hand.
  5. Use your right hand to slide the hair at the bottom of the twist upwards, tucking the twist under itself until it feels secure.
  6. To secure the bun, slide French pins through the twist, outwards towards the right.
  7. Push the pins against your head, and slide them inwards towards the left.
  8. Repeat at least five times up the twist.
  9. Gently re-twist your ends and loosely wrap them counterclockwise to form a bun shape.
  10. You want your bun to sit right on top of your crown so you can see it from the front.
  11. Pull out loose layers, and bobby pin all around.
  12. Re-curl any loose ends with a 1″ wand.

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